Bournemouth and Poole College

UBU were commissioned to create a vibrant new heart at the center of the Lansdowne Road Campus, that provides a new public realm setting for the existing and proposed two new buildings on the campus and offers easy access between these buildings and the broader area.

Our landscape proposals are designed to deliver an enhanced public realm with engaging, dynamic, functional, and visually attractive spaces, creating a landscape in which the diverse architecture can sit comfortably, and that integrates with the existing built fabric and wider campus context.

The design introduces a new circulation network linking the new and existing buildings with a piazza created at the heart of the campus. Seating is integrated within the spaces, as well as seating walls and planter retaining walls. Sculptural pyramidal forms are introduced to the south of the piazza to create a strong and engaging dynamic space, whilst providing further opportunities for relaxation and seasonal interest with bulb planting in the grass pyramids. A new entrance courtyard replicates the language of the piazza space, and is set with architectural tree planting and informal seating to define the edges.

Client: Bournemouth and Poole College| Category: Education| Status: Ongoing

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