Burgess Hill

Formerly occupied by an office block, the site forms a prominent location on a strategic route into Burgess Hill town centre. The external proposals respond to the Burgess Hill town centre masterplan SPD and tie into proposed future public realm improvements.

Opportunities for socialising, active pursuits and quieter reflective areas are provided within the communal and private garden spaces. A ‘street’ along the frontage of the buildings facilitates an active frontage and gradation of public to semi public and private space, providing defensible space and clearly demarcated boundaries.

A vibrant external environment centres around the communal spaces, providing an arena for simple social activities and enriching the sense of place and community.

Client: McCarthy and Stone
Consultants: Planning Bureau
Category: Residential
Status: Completed

Image of McCarthy & Stone Burgess Hill externals
Photo of Burgess Hill residential development externals
Image of Burgess Hill streetfront
Image of  shelter at Burgess Hill development
Sketch plan of Burgess Hill development


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