Carters Quay

Ubu Design Ltd were commissioned by Inland homes to develop an inspiring public realm design, to wrap around a new piece of architecture by John Pardey Architects, for a new waterfront development in Poole Quays. The commission also includes the design of a central communal garden space on the first floor, for residents to enjoy.  

A strong conceptual and rational approach for the public realm was developed, based on ‘flow’ around the architecture and the rich history of Cater Tiles and Poole Pottery – previously fired on site – in order to create a practical, fluid and inspiring space. By drawing together the concept of flow and integrating the strong forms and patternation of the Carter tiles, a contextual and inspired streetscape and quayside public realm is created, anchored in the wider historic context of Poole Quays. This approach will set a bench mark for the broader development of the western side of the Quays.

Patternations from one tile design has been extracted to create a fluid form, that will play out as the paving design on the ground, allowing for the integration of seating, play and planting. This approach will give a unique sense of place directly related to both the former use of the site and to the long and rich heritage of Carter tiles. Planting is integrated around the buildings and at level changes to soften the building/ ground plane interface and protect edges. Trees have been integrated into the design to give green mass and to filter the wind and create a relaxed environment for all to enjoy.   

Work will begin on site in 2018

Client: Inland Homes| Architects: John Pardey Architects| Category: Residential| Status: Ongoing





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