Hatch Farm

Hatch Farm is a proposed residential development situated on a greenfield site. Comprising 98 social rent, shared ownership and private sale units on land owned by Eastleigh Borough Council, Ubu prepared the landscape proposals to support the planning application.

Divided into distinct character areas to create a local distinctiveness and legibility, the proposals deliver a series of usable and engaging spaces with an enhanced and contextual public realm. A mixed palette of shrub and tree species help define individual zones, with frontage treatments responding to individual character areas.

A well considered path network promotes safe pedestrian movement, particularly to open green spaces, while new buffer planting on the northern boundary reinforces the existing woodland. Native species have been chosen to encourage greater habitat diversity and amenity value.

Status: Ongoing
Architect: Kenn Scaddan
Client: Radian Group

Axonometric view of the Greenway, Hatch Farm, West End
Image of bungalows at Hatch Farm development, West End, Southampton
Axonometric view of the Hillock, Hatch Farm development in West End, Southampton

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