The Valley

UBU working with Snug Architects and Winchester City Council’s New Homes Delivery Team have produced a comprehensive landscape masterplan in Stanmore, Winchester to deliver 76 new affordable homes. The scheme provides a mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom houses and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats. The site nestles into the steeply sloping topography of The Valley and creates a new edge to the existing park landscape.

The buildings are positioned in response to existing and proposed patterns of movement through the site, serving to reinforce views and vistas. The landscape sympathetically responds to the architecture by flowing up to and capturing the development as part of the broader parkland setting, helping to reduce the perceived scale of the buildings and soften their impact on the landscape.

The reconfiguration of the circulation and enhancement of the existing path network has created spaces for community use including growing areas, seating areas and an orchard.

The scheme was developed through a comprehensive process of public engagement with the local community and will deliver much needed affordable housing for the city by realising the potential of an under-utilised open space.

This will be an exciting new addition to an established estate that balances design innovation with contextual sensitivity. It is great to have been part of a development that delivers housing whilst also making meaningful enhancements to the landscape in which it sits.

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